As time goes on, the addition to tattoos has grown, and the tattoo patterns become more and more on the body.

Tattoo is not a hobby only, it has been becoming a habit, an important part of people’s life.


Last week, I went out with my best friend, she is a tattooer as well. At that moment, she asked me a question, and that made me embarrassed. When I came back to my home, I was considering this question, which is “ do you remember what you were? When you did the first tattoo. Many years passed on, what do you think that our life has been becoming good or bad?


In fact, when I heard about this question from my best friend at that time, I do not even know how to make a good respond to her, maybe I should say “there must be having good parts in our life, also there must be having bad parts?”

I decided to ask my friends and listened to them about what these years have been ups and downs, I felt a lot of emotions.


@James Colony ( my high school mate)

He said, “The first tattoo is for love,” I spent my entire high school with him, but he broke up with his GF, and of course, he thought about marriage. The only thing that has been never changed is that tattooing, maybe the mature world is alone.

Actually, I don’t think about this very much, because I would like to prefer hard-working, and care of myself.



I remembered that my first tattoo is in my college, and the payment for the tattoo was from my daily salary.


@Bahoune Jamie

My first tattoo is a string of English words, which represents future expectations.

There are three things that we can not hide, which are love, poor, and cough. However, I don’t think so, I think the three things are the time will keep going on, the love of parent, and tattooing.