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21 Jan Tattoo Machine or Tattoo Pen?
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Tattoos have been passed down since human origin, and their craftsmanship and consumables have been improved many times. Whether it is the early hand ..
21 Jan A Tattoo Artist Must Have Tattoos?
wuqingabc 0 1
Most people think that a tattoo artist looks like a cool person with tattoos and jewelry.But this is not the case. Not all tattoo artists have tattoos..
21 Jan Tattoos with magical power
wuqingabc 0 590
The magical world of Harry Potter is really fascinating.Since the first book was published 20 years ago, our love for this black-haired, green-eyed bo..
21 Dec How much have you changed in these years of tattooing
wuqingabc 0 484
As time goes on, the addition to tattoos has grown, and the tattoo patterns become more and more on the body.Tattoo is not a hobby only, it has been b..
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